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I thought I finished a Learning Path, but it isn't showing 100% completion.

Hey, that isn't a question!

Most of the time, if you think you completed a Learning Path but the completion percentage is under 100%, you simply forgot to check the completed box on one or more assets in the Learning Path.

In the Learning Path, open the Syllabus slideout by click "Learning Path Syllabus" in the left sidebar. Look for assets that don't have a green check box, and go to those assets by clicking them. If the "Completed" check box is grayed out, perform any action that may be required (such as posting a Discussion, reading an attached file, or watching a video) and then check the "Completed" box.

Always remember to check each asset as complete when you complete it to ensure you always receive full completion credit!

After you've completed a Learning Path, you can download and print a PDF Certificate of Completion. Just click on your name in the header bar and select "My Summary Report" from the drop down menu. This screen shows your progress through all Learning Paths in which you are enrolled and provides a link to download your Certificate of Completion for all Learning Paths you have completed.

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