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My school told me I have to use Eduplanet21; what is Eduplanet21?

Eduplanet21 is a K12 technology company committed to providing educators with digital resources for professional learning through blended solutions. We combine social learning software with digital content and quality support services to ensure districts are on the right track to reaching their unique professional learning goals.

But enough with the marketing talk; what does that mean for you, the teacher?

Eduplanet21 is a place where you can take online course (we call them "Learning Paths") to earn Professional Development, or PD, hours to maintain your teaching certificate. Unlike other sources of PD, Eduplanet21 is all online; that means no more long, boring in-service days. Eduplanet21 Learning Paths are always available anywhere you have internet access.

For district administrators, Eduplanet21 provides a convenient way to organize and implement PD strategies with our new PD Planner tool. In addition to the convenience of planning and content all in one place, the PD Planner gives you access to powerful analytics and metrics about teachers' progress in the PD goals.

In addition, many Eduplanet21 Learning Paths allow for global discussion between teachers across the country and around the world. 


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