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Managing Your Notifications

It is important to be notified about new activity occurring within your organization.  Our notification system allows you to determine how often you will be notified in each individual community.

The first time you access a learning path or community, the notifications alert will automatically pop-up asking you to set your notification preferences. 

From the drop-down, you have the option to not be notified at all, to be notified daily or notified weekly.  We suggest you choose daily digest in which you’ll be notified once per day with one summary email with links to the communities that have had activity.

Changing notifications for a community: If you want to change your notification settings, you can click on notification preferences under Settings within a community and select the option you would like.



To change all notifications, click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right menu bar next to your name. Click on ‘My Notifications’. 

On the next screen, you can set/change your Notification preferences for Periodic Updates + Announcements, Digest Emails, and to Follow New Discussions. You can also update each community and learning path individually by clicking on the link “Update for each Community/Learning Path.”

Periodic Updates + Announcements includes information about platform updates, scheduled maintenance, and upcoming Eduplanet21 events. This setting can be turned on or off.

Digest Emails include a summary of recent activity from your Communities and Learning Paths. This can be set to Weekly, Daily, Set for each community, or Do not notify me about group activity. If you choose Set for each community, a link will appear underneath the Digest Emails description allowing you to choose Daily, Weekly, or off for each Community and Learning Path you are a member of.

Elibrary Notifications allows you to receive notifications when new comments are made in your eLibraries.

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