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Navigating a Learning Path

When you are enrolled in a Learning Path, you can access it from several places.   For directions on how to access a Learning Path, refer to the support article, Accessing a Learning Path.

To navigate within a learning path, you click on the activity, complete the task and then click “next” button in the lower right corner.  Be sure that you also check the ‘completed’ button prior to moving on to the next task.  It should be noted that there is NO complete button on Module or Lesson pages.


The next time you come back to the Learning Path, it will automatically return to where you left off provided you checked the ‘completed’ button.

To access assets/activities in a random order, use the Learning Path Syllabus slide-out on the left of the screen. 


Click on the asset you on which you wish to work and complete it.  Using this method, you can access and complete any asset in any order. 

Once an asset is completed, a green check mark will appear in the syllabus.  A yellow button will show you where you left off.

To review a video once you have completed the asset, click on the video slide-out button.  Next, click on the name of the video you wish to access.



To participate in a discussion forum within a learning path, click on the Discussions slide-out button. Next, click on the discussion title that you want to view and in which you wish to participate.  This allows you to participate in discussions beyond your initial post.


To access your reflections and files, use the same process as mentioned above.

To view members of the Learning Path cohort, click on View Members.

Here you can view all members who are taking the Learning Path and connect with them.

To contact a member of the cohort, click on his/her name, and then ‘Send Message.’


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