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Learning Path Terminology

This section explains the terminology you will encounter while completing Learning Paths on Eduplanet21.

  • Learning Path - a complete, self contained online course on Eduplanet21
  • Cohort - a community of users within a Learning Path
  • Asset - a "page" or "slide" in the Learning Path. There are many types of assets:
    • Activity - contains text and/or attachments; includes a call to action
    • Assessment - multiple choice and/or essay questions to test comprehension
    • Cohort Collaboration - requires all users in the Learning Path to post one or more files and participate in conversation
    • Discussion - requires all users in the Learning Path to discuss learning topics
    • File - contains an attached file for users to download and read
    • Dropbox - requires users to to upload a file to Dropbox for review by the Learning Path instructor
    • Event - contain an invitation to a live or digital event
    • Reflection - requires users to post a personal reflection
    • Survey - used to gather feedback and establish users' base level of knowledge on various topics
    • Video - contains audio or video content

  • Modules - structural; Modules are the highest level of organization in a Learning Path, and can be thought of as top level folders. A Module contains one or more Lessons
  • Lessons - structural; Lessons are the second level of organization in a Learning Path, and can be thought of as sub folders. A Lesson contains one or more non-structural asset


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