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Accessing a Learning Path

When you’re enrolled in a Learning Path, you’ll be able to access it from several places. 

Method 1: When you’re on your homeroom page, your learning paths appear in the middle left of the page under the heading My Learning Paths. Click on the title of the Learning Path to immediately launch it so you can begin. This block shows your three most recent Learning Paths. To view all of your Learning Paths, click on the View All link located in the yellow bar.



Method 2: You can also access your Learning Paths by clicking on My Content in the top banner, then on My Learning Paths in the drop-down menu.


Next, click on the title of the Learning Path you wish to access.



Method 3: Finally, you can access your Learning Path through the Institute or Organization that is hosting it. On the bottom of your home page, go to the My Institutes section. Click on the host Institute or “View All."



Next, click on the title of the Learning Path you wish to access or on the word “Enrolled.”



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