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Creating an eLibrary

An eLibrary is a searchable collection of audio, video and/or document type resources. Within an eLibrary the assets can be associated with one or more topics for sorting purposes. Assets can also be favored, shared, commented on and rated among all members of the eLibrary.

To create an eLibrary, click on the Admin Tools button located in the upper banner of your screen. 

Next, click on eLibrary Builder.




Under your organization's name, click on Create New eLibrary.



In the spaces provided, enter a name for the eLibrary, as well as a brief description.



If you want to add an image to represent your non-video resources, click on Choose File.  Browse for an image that is on your system and open it.

If you would like to manage the membership of the eLibrary, set the pick-list to "Invite Only."  Otherwise, set it to "Self-Enroll" to allow users to join on their own, or use "Public" to give access to everyone in the organization.

You are now ready to start adding topics and resources.



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