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PD Summary Report

The PD Summary Report provides details in a vertical format with a column for Users, Planned Hours, and Earned Hours.  This report can be exported to Excel by clicking on "Export to Excel" on the top right of the screen.

By clicking on an individual's name, you can drill-down to an Individual's Professional Development Summary Report.

In the Individual's Report all activities are listed with the activity title, the activity type, the status, the planned number of hours, and the earned number of hours.

To generate the PD Summary Report, click on your Admin Tools in the upper banner.


  • click on the Reports tab.

Using the drop-down, select

  • Your Institute.
  • The Plan on which you want to generate the report.
  • Buildings, Departments, and Grades, if they have been pre-populated in the system
  • Click on "Generate Report."

To view an Individual Professional Development Summary Report, click on the person's name.


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