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Creating a New Membership Code

To create a Membership Code, you must have System Admin level access.

  • Go to the Admin Tools.
  • Click on Membership Codes in the Administration List.
  • Click on the "Add New Code" button.


  • Complete the following:
    • Organization - use the drop-down to select your organization.
    • Token - an automatic six character identifier is generated.  This can be customized.  Use only alpha and/or numeric characters.  No spaces.
    • License - the number of users who are authorized to use this membership code.  It can be increased or decreased later.
    • Email Address to notify - the email of the person who will be notified when all licenses have been used.
    • Description - enter a brief description of what the membership code is for, perhaps the date it was generated and by whom it was generated.
    • Is active - by default, this is checked.  At a later time, if you wish to inactivate the code, uncheck this area.
    • Available Content - check the communities, learning paths and/or eLibraries to which this code is associated.
  • Click Save


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