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Creating a Community

A Community is a subset of your organization’s members. They can be public or private, so that groups such as administrators, principals, guidance counselors or departments can have private conversations. Members typically focus on specific topics through discussions, sharing of resources, and breakout groups.

To create a community, click on the Admin Tools button located in the upper banner of your screen.


Next, click on Community Builder.



Under your organization’s name, click on “Create New Community for….”


In the provided fields, write the name, as well as a description of the community which will provide the user with the purpose of the community.


For Link Sharing and File Sharing, leave the item checked if you want to allow sharing or uncheck if you do not want to allow the function. Use the “Level Required to Share…..” drop-down to designate whether all users or only some users will be allowed to share links and files.   If you wish all users to have those rights, indicate that the level required is ‘Member’.

In the Menu Settings, check those functions you want as part of the community and uncheck those you do not.

The Membership Settings area allows you to put the community as part of your organization’s private catalog. If you wish it to be visible to all members of your Institute, check ‘is listed’. Then designate how members can join the community using the drop-down.



The Membership Types are: Invite Only, Request Invite, Self-Enroll, and Registration.

  • Invite Only – organization’s administrator(s) invite specific users
  • Request Invite – generates a button to request information.
  • Self-Enroll – open enrollment for any member of your organization
  • Register – goes through a registration process

Be sure to add your email address in the space provided, or the email address of the person who will receive requests about the community.

Now SAVE the community you’ve built.


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