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Creating Community Breakout Groups

A breakout group is a subset of the community in which members can participate in discussions and share resources.

To create a breakout group,

  • on your home page, click on the name of the community in which you want to create a breakout group.
  • on the community page, click on the 'create a breakout group' button.

  • On the next screen, click on 'Add.'


  • Using the provided template, 
    • enter the name of the breakout group.
    • write a description of the group.
    • add a thumbnail image (optional).
    • click save.

To add members to the breakout group,

  • click on 'Manage Members.'


There are two options available to you.

  • Option 1

    • Click on Invite New Member.
    • Enter the User's Email in the provided space.
    • Click on Check User.
    • You will see a message indicating that the user has been added to the breakout group

    Option 2

    • In the provided field, enter the user's email address or name.
    • Be sure that 'Members and Non-Members" button is checked, since you are adding a new members who are not yet  members of the community.
    • put a check mark next to the person who you want to add to the breakout group.
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