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Adding Custom Activities to a Goal

Users can create their own activities. These activities will default to 'pending approval'.  In addition, the user can attach artifacts to the activity which will automatically create an item in their Artifacts and Evidence eLibrary.

  • On the My Plan Page, click on the name of the goal to which you want to add an activity.
  • On the Goal Page, click the 'Create Activities for Goal' button.

  • Complete the all fields:
    • Name - name of the activity
    • Hours Earned - the number of hours earned or anticipated to be earned.
    • Activity Date - the date on which the activity took place or will take place.  Use the MM/DD/YYYY format.
    • File Attachment (optional) - upload an artifact or evidence, such as a Certificate of Completion.
    • Type of Activity - select the type of activity from the drop-down.
    • Associated Goal - choose a goal to which this activity is associated.
    • Notes (optional) - add any notes that you want your administrator to read.  It is here where your administrator will write notes to you regarding the activity.
  • Click 'Save.'
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