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Managing a Private Catalog

To manage a private catalog, you must have the appropriate permission level.

  • click on 'View Available Content, which is located by your home organization's logo.

  • click on 'Manage Private Catalog.'

  • click 'Edit' by the title of the content (Learning Path, Community and/or eLibrary) you want to add to the Private Catalog.
  • complete all required fields (required areas are bold and italicized below).  Although only two fields are required, it is recommended to complete all fields.
    • Marketing description - a brief description of the content that appears in the list of available content item.
    • Membership type
      • Invite Only - default membership type.
      • Request Invite - allows user to request an invite.  Request goes to the email address listed in the contact email field.
      • Self-Enroll - allows user to access the content item immediately.
      • Registration - the user goes through a registration process in which the user can designate the number of seats he/she wishes to purchase.  This also provides immediate access via a membership code link.
    • Contact email - the email of the person to whom requests and invites go.
    • Purchase info email - the email of the person who is notified when a registration for a content item occurs.
    • Description - a complete description of the content item that appears in the content detail page.
    • Marketing thumbnail - an image that represents the content item.
    • Price - cost of one seat.
    • Objectives - clear and concise statements that describe the desired learning outcomes of instruction.  They are the intended results of instruction, program, or activities. These objectives appear on the content detail page.
    • Outcomes - statements that identify what the learner will know and be able to do by the end of the program.  They are the achieved results of instruction, program or activities. These outcomes appear on the content detail page.
    • Intended Audience - a description of those who would most benefit from this content item.
    • Structure -  a description of the structure of the content.  For example, 6 - 8 hours of coursework involving asynchronous discussions, engaging video segments, journal reflections and online readings.
  • Once all items are completed, click on 'Save'.  This saves all entries or changes you've made in the above fields.
  • Once you are ready to add it the catalog, click on 'Add to Catalog.'
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